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Currently stuff we get/make/do is in the team forum:
Volvo Portal Axle Parts
custom aluminium fabrication.

We are busy working on a range of stuff, and will be posting it for sale here as it becomes available.

Work in progress:

  • Volvo C303 track rod ends & steering bars
  • Volvo C303 axle oil seal & bearing kits
  • Volvo C303 disc brake conversions
  • FlyingSpanners Land Rover trailing arms (contact John to pre-order)
  • FlyingSpanners HID Lights
  • FlyingSpanners LED Lights
  • FlyingSpanners merchandise (no news yet on HOFS mankinis)

Note: We do not always keep everything in stock, and some parts have to come a long way or are manufactured specially for us, so this page is for guidance only - please contact us with your requirements. We can also source many other parts 2nd hand through our contacts.