New 5.99:1 Volvo C303 Crownwheel & Pinions

32x11 Crownwheel and pinion gears giving a 5.99:1 ratio.

  • Our gears can be fitted to ANY C3XX series vehicle (including 6x6) and allow you to reduce your engine RPM or increase your speed - perfect for diesel engine conversions in 6x6 vehicles.
  • Our crownwheel and pinions retain full 6x6 drive, are brand new and made for us to a specification we have arrived at after many years of high power and endurance testing. Our gears exceed OEM standards and are European made.
  • Currently available for dispatch (although stocks are running low) we dispatch worldwide.

£395.00 per axle.
We can also supply master assembly kits which contain everything you need to rebuild your diff in a single box, kits contain all 4 bearings (NOT Chinese copies!), Pinion seal and a full set of preload shims.


5:1 ratio "high speed" crownwheel and pinion gears to suit C3XX axles - please email to register interest.
Ideally suited to portal axle converted 4x4's, reduce you engine RPM, run smaller tyres, drive faster - the choice is finally yours..