Who are the House of Flying Spanners?

An international team of offroad racers, members of the team are drawn from Finland, England, Slovakia, Scotland and as far as the USA. We currently number a regular crew of over 20 and have included cars in Tr1, Tr2, Tr3, Proto and Raid classes.

How did it all begin?

Somewhere in a Russian forest in 2005, during the Ladoga Trophy raid, an unholy alliance was formed between members of the In Team Club of Finland and the English crew of a then crippled Proto racer called Pig. The idea was simple, it had to be, we're not smart enough for anything complicated!

Who is in the team?

The guy we all blame for somehow dragging us into this madness is Jez Goodwin.

Drivers and Navigators

  • Proto: Jez Goodwin & Kim Nikolajeff
  • Tourism:
  • Jen Rees & Dan Wallace
  • Mike Brown & Ashley Parsons
  • Colin "Flipper" Rose & Alastair "Tipper" Dickinson

Chase car crew

  • James "Battery" Robertson
  • Mikko "Monkey love" Lehmusto

Support Crew (the guys that do the REAL work)

  • Kai "Grandpaa" Ilvasoksa
  • John "Megasquirt" Utteridge
  • Dan "Special Child" Furniss
  • Zuzana "No, the other left!" Goodwin

What cars do we use?

What kind of events do we enter?

For 2009 we have a full calender and will be competing in Estonia, Finland and Russia.

Previous Competitions

  • Finland Trophy - Finishing 2nd in 2008
  • Ladoga Trophy - Finishing 4th in Proto, 2008 and 2007
  • Vepsskii Les - Finishing 6th in 2008

Do we have any sponsors?

We would like to thank the following companies for helping us compete at a level beyond our financial abilities!

  • Portal Tek Inc - Volvo disc brake conversions.
  • Lorenz Industries Inc - Race Runner suspension.
  • Offivaruste Oy - for huge help and support in Finland and Russia.
  • Protoshop Oy - one off precision engineering, on time - every time..
  • Ruftraks Ltd - for supplying us with the hardest pulling, most combat survivable winch rope on the planet.
  • Alfred Murray Ltd - suppliers of high speed, high pull hydraulic winches.
  • Ripley Engineering Ltd - for supplying us with aluminium and feeding our welding habit.
  • X-Engineering - makers of innovative Landrover products and suppliers of the original and best replacement Landrover parking brake.
  • Great Basin Rovers - for hauling our junk from the continental US to Europe.
  • Stazworks - suppliers of the only double beadlock wheel worth fitting.
  • The Biggs Family - for taking us in, giving us a workshop to build in and putting up with us making loud noises - thank you so much.

We are desperately underfunded and would welcome the opportunity to discuss additional sponsorship, our races are covered on multiple national TV networks with audience figures of over 800,000, DVDs are distributed worldwide - every little financial element counts with us, help a racer today!

Future projects

New cars are always in build, stay tuned for this year's madness.